Student L.I.F.E.

IBCS Student LifeWelcome to Student L.I.F.E.!  IBCS’s smaller size gives it a “home away from home” atmosphere. Everyone knows everyone, and students are able to develop lasting friendships with their classmates.

Students also have many opportunities to get involved in various activities to keep themselves busy. Life for most students consists of school, work, and ministry with great opportunities to relax and have some fun.  Check back often for up-to-date information and resources to help make your IBCS experience more profitable–and fun!

Student Due Process

At International Baptist College and Seminary, constructive suggestions are always welcome. Constructive suggestions intended to improve the institution can always be made to a member of the staff through personal conversation, through email, or through the end-of-semester surveys. IBCS welcomes and is grateful for honest feedback through these forums and is committed to giving these suggestions due consideration.

IBCS also realizes that more serious issues may arise that need to be addressed in a more timely fashion. If a student has a complaint against another student, a faculty member, or a member of the IBCS staff, the student is encouraged to first seek a personal resolution to the issue. If, however, the student with the complaint does not feel comfortable seeking a personal solution or has attempted a personal resolution and does not feel that a satisfactory solution has been reached, then the student is encouraged to use the due process procedure listed below.

The due process procedure detailed below is intended to ensure that a student with a complaint is given a fair hearing and is treated with respect. IBCS freely admits that members of the IBCS staff can at times be in the wrong and that students should have the right to have those wrongs addressed in a Biblical fashion. This procedure is intended to provide the means for that fair hearing.

The student with the complaint should first pray about the situation and make certain that his or her heart is right with the Lord, that his or her attitude toward the problem is correct, that his or her understanding of the problem is accurate as far as he or she can tell, and that the issue is important enough to even mention. He or she should not proceed further until all of this has been addressed.

The student should then go to the person(s) with whom he or she has the complaint. This should be only the person directly involved in the problem. The student must follow the guidelines of Matthew 18.

Filing a Complaint Against the College

  1. The student with the complaint should detail the complaint in writing (letter/e-mail) and then make an appointment with the Dean of Students to file an official complaint. The Dean of Students will attentively listen to the complaint and ask any clarifying questions. If the student’s complaint involves the Dean of Students, the student may take this first step with either the Chief Academic Officer or the President.
  2. The Dean of Students will keep the name of the student in confidence unless the student waives this right. The Dean of Students will determine whether this suggestion has enough merit to bring it to the attention of the administration for review and further action.
  3. If further action is required, the Dean of Students will do one of two things.
    A.  Administrative concerns will be brought to the attention of the Administration Team (“A-Team”) at one of its regularly scheduled meetings.
    B.  If the issue is so urgent that it cannot await the next regular meeting of the A-Team, a new meeting will be scheduled.
  4. If the results are still unsatisfactory, then an appointment may be made for both the student and the President to meet with the Chairman of the Board.
  5. If the problem is still not resolved, the student may address the problem with TRACS or the Department of Education by following the instructions below.

Filing a Complaint with TRACS

  1. Only after the above procedures have been completed should a student file a complaint with an external entity.
  2. Students wishing to file a complaint with TRACS should go to the TRACS website and follow their current instructions:

To file a complaint with the United States Department of Education, please follow the procedures as outlined on their official website:

  • It is essential that no student proceed through the process without completing each step in its prescribed order.

Instructions for Filing a Complaint as a Distance Education Student

  • Distance Education students who have completed the internal institutional complaint process as outlined above may appeal non-instructional complaints to the AZ SARA Council. For additional information on the complaint process, please visit the AZ SARA Complaint page at .