Master of Christian Education

The Master of Christian Education (M.C.Ed.) program is designed to mentor God-fearing leaders for fundamental Baptist churches and ministries of like faith in the West and throughout the world. Its purpose is to provide advanced professional preparation for the Christian school teacher, supervisor, or administrator. It also prepares the masters candidate for further academic work in post-graduate research.

The M.C.Ed. is a thirty-three-hour program offered during one- and two-week modular periods during the summer months. Classes are also offered in the evenings during the regular school year. In addition, courses are also offered through independent study courses and a directed field experience that allows the candidate to graduate within a two-year or three-year time period.

Program Emphasis

The graduate program in education endeavors to equip the IBCS graduate with a degree that places Christ at the very center of the education experience. The candidate will be exposed to essential skills related to educational administration, research, and pedagogy.

Admissions Requirements

An approved bachelor’s degree is prerequisite to admission to the M.C.Ed. program. Students are expected to have backgrounds in education, administrational leadership, Bible, or Christian service. The prospective student’s experience will be considered as well as his or her formal education.

The final decision regarding the evaluation of a student’s application, previous education, experience, and admission rests with the IBCS Admissions Committee.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Christian Education, the successful student will:

  1. Obtain a theological, historical, and philosophical foundation for Christian education.
  2. Receive the body of professional knowledge necessary for Christian education.
  3. Demonstrate effective administrative leadership within a Christian school.
  4. Understand the necessity of excellence and fostering a life-long learning philosophy.
  5. Continue to strive to be more Christlike in his or her professional and personal life.

Department Head

Dr. David Shumate
Dr. David Shumate
Dr. David Shumate came to know the Lord while in Harvard Law School through the witness of a Christian classmate. He felt the call to full-time ministry and after finishing his law degree, attended Bob Jones Seminary earning his M.Div. and Ph.D. With 15 years of assistant pastoral experience, he became the general director of Mexican Gospel Mission in 2005. He currently serves as the Seminary Dean.

Program Requirements and Course Sequence

The Master of Christian Education program is designed with the working education profession in mind. All required courses are offered within a two- or three-year period. Candidates may opt for the thesis option that will give them extensive experience in the research process. All students will participate in the Directed Field Experience requirement.

ED 515History and Philosophy of American Education3
ED 524Curriculum Development3
ED 535Current Issues for the Christian Educator2
ED 540Advanced Tests and Measurements3
ED 571Action Research for the Classroom Teacher3
ED 594Technology in Education3
ED 675Directed Field Experience3
EN 520Christian Thesis Writing1
PS 500 or PR 501Theology of Counseling or Dynamics of Biblical Change3
Approved Electives10

Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for graduation, the M.C.Ed. student must:

  • Successfully complete the minimum credits in the prescribed and elective courses
  • Earn at least 51% of the credit hours required for this degree at IBCS
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00
  • Successfully complete the capstone projects(s) as applicable
  • Pay all financial obligations to IBCS
  • Demonstrate proper Christian character
  • Participate in commencement exercises

Please contact the Department Head or Chief Academic Officer for additional information.

Student Spotlight

Andrea Pena

Andrea Pena

“I am thankful I was able to attend IBCS for both my B.A. in Bible and Teacher Education degree (2014) and Master of Christian Education degree (2016). The Master of Christian Education program at International Baptist College Seminary helped me value Christian education. IBCS taught me the importance of holding the Bible as the center of my life, career, and even every subject that I teach. I also learned the importance of valuing every student and helping them reach their God-given potential. I was able to apply the lessons I learned from this program to my English classes.”