Financial Aid Process and Tips

IBCS recognizes that the primary responsibility for financing a college education rests upon the students and their families. We also realize navigating the world of Financial Aid is daunting at times.

The IBCS Financial Aid Office is committed to helping students and their families understand the financial aid process. We are also committed to working with you to find ways to make your education at IBCS more affordable. Types of aid include institutional aid, federal grants, and federal loans.

Financial Aid and the FAFSA

The Financial Aid Office processes all federal grants on the basis of need as verified by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Below are links to a Department of Education resource, “Federal Student Aid: Find the Information You Need”. These links provide access to numerous important student aid subjects. For example, FAFSA, Types of Aid/Getting Aid, Student Account Access, Repaying Loans, Preparing for College, Special Audiences, etc.

»  Student Aid (English PDF)
»  Student Aid (Spanish PDF)

Top 5 Points to Know about Financial Aid:

Complete your FAFSA every year, as early as possible.

Go to: FAFSA link, IBCS website: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or


  •  Completing the FAFSA is always free; never pay anyone to assist you with your application!
  • Data entered must be accurate, do not skip, guess, or estimate answers
  • IBCS Financial Aid will notify families of FAFSA Verification requirements
  • The IRS is less likely to select Students/Parents using the IRS DRT for FAFSA Verification. If the IRS selects you for FAFSA Verification, use the IRS DRT to greatly expedite the verification process.

Generally, a single student born on or after January 1, 1997 will be considered a “dependent” student regardless of how the student files his/her income taxes. A student who was born before January 1, 1997 is considered “independent” and does not need to file parent information on the FAFSA form.