Motto and Logos

For years, the IBCS Crest has provided a graphic representation of its motto. To this day, the Bible, the Torch, and the Shield are representations of IBCS’s foundational beliefs and identity. Like fine china, the Crest is significant and valuable. It will continue to be used in honorable and strategic applications in the years ahead.

The IBCS Shield builds on the same fundamental elements contained within the Crest. The Shield as a whole, and each part individually, communicates IBCS’s commitment to fulfilling the mentoring directive of II Timothy 2:2 which instructs Christians to pass the torch to the next generation of faithful leaders who will then be able to “teach others also.”IBCS logo

  • The Bible – As an integral ministry of Tri-City Baptist Church, IBCS students develop spiritually through their genuine relationships with God and through a foundation upon the Word of God. Biblical truth, embedded in the philosophy of IBCS, is recognizable in every lesson and in every heart.
  • The Torch – Biblical truth enlightens. The classic column “I” symbolizes IBCS’s commitment to rigorous academics. At IBCS students obtain knowledge and, with a proper understanding of the fear of the Lord, obtain wisdom. Together, these develop their cognitive skills and prepare them for God’s calling upon their lives.
  • The Shield – Developing a student physically requires the classroom outside the classroom; it requires an application of Biblical truth. Through daily decisions, IBCS students shape their personal characters as they cultivate their relationships and skills to stand before God and others.
  • The Arrow – An arrow must leave the bow and extend beyond its source, just like the IBCS graduate. Through maturity and increased social awareness, IBCS graduates have a stable and purposeful aim. They go out evangelizing the lost, discipling new believers, and training others for the work of the ministry.