Tuition/Room & Board

Attending a private college may be expensive, and graduates may sometimes be burdened with student loans that take years to repay and can delay ministry or graduate training. To enable its graduates to enter ministry with minimal financial burden, IBCS offers tuition and room & board at rates lower than many other private colleges. “Tuition” and “Room & Board” are considered billable costs of education.

Tuition and Room & Board (Billable) Costs

Tuition per Credit Hour
(Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer terms)
(1 to 15, more than 17 credit hours)
Early Start, Certificate, Audit per hour$225
Accelerated Tuition Plan
(Combined Fall/Winter; Combined Spring/Summer Terms)
(15 to 17 credit hours)
Room & Board (Fall and Spring cost per Semester)
Winter or Summer Term with meals, per-week cost
Winter or Summer Term without meals, per-week cost
Click here to access the Net Price Calculator which allows you to receive an estimated cost of attendance.

On-Campus Estimated Non-Billable Costs of Education for an Academic Year

Books $1,000
Personal Expenses$4,204



Lost Residence Hall Key or Key Card$5
Transcript Fee$5
Transfer Fee$10
Returned Check or Bank Stop Payment Fee (per check)$25

Explanation of Fees

Room & Board

Room & Board is $3,900 per Fall and Spring term.

The $210 per-week Residence Hall (RH) Fee is charged to students living in the residence hall for the regular winter or summer term. Food Services provides meals to RH students during these terms.

The $115 per week RH Fee is charged to students living in the RH at non-term time periods, that is, when classes are not being offered on campus. Food Services does not provide meals to residence hall students during this time. Students who are given permission to live in the residence hall during Christmas break or during winter and/or summer terms will be charged a per-week Residence Hall Fee.


Fall Semester Residence Hall Deposit – $100
The Residence Hall Deposit is required to secure an on-campus housing reservation for students applying to live in the residence hall. The payment is due on July 15th and will be applied to the student’s fall semester charges.

Fall Semester Tuition Deposit – $200
The tuition deposit is required from all students in order to secure registration in the college each year. The payment is due July 15th and will be applied to the student’s fall semester charges.

Residence Hall Room and Key Deposit – $50
Each academic year the student is charged a $50 room and key deposit. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the academic year upon final room inspection approval and return of the student’s RH key card.

Special Fees

Lost Residence Hall Key and Key Card Fee – $5
Students will be charged a $5 replacement fee for a lost RH key or key card.

Financial Information

Returned Check or Bank Stop Payment Fee – $25
Each occurrence of a personal check returned or bank stop payment for insufficient funds is subject to a $25 returned check fee. Students remain responsible for all dishonored payments made on their accounts.

Transcript Fee – $5
A $5 nonrefundable transcript fee will be charged for each transcript copy requested. See the Transcript Request page for details.

Transfer Fee – $10
A one-time, non-refundable fee of $10 is charged to students transferring credits into IBCS from another institution. The fee is billed upon completion of the transfer process.

Methods of Payments

Online (click secure PAY NOW link)

By mail, send check or money order to

IBCS Billing Office
2211 W Germann Rd
Chandler, AZ 85286

In person at the TBC Welcome Center or IBCS Billing Office

Click here for more information on payment terms and agreements.