“The need is great. God is good. We must contend.”

These were the last words that Dr. T spoke to me before he entered into the presence of his Lord. They are brief and profound, and they perfectly capture the heart of Dr. T. and the mission of IBCS.

The need is great. There is a dire need for a new generation of leaders to lead the church forward, both here and around the globe. Countless souls are without Christ, desperate for the only Savior who can satisfy. We must take the message of Jesus to these hurting hearts. There are scores of churches that do not have a pastor to lead them and many places that need a Bible-preaching, gospel-proclaiming church. We confront these needs at a time when our culture and political climate are adversarial to our mission. The need of the hour is for men of character and competence that can stand for truth and meet these challenges. The need is truly great!

God is good. God is already at work to meet these needs! God has assembled a dedicated, passionate, self-sacrificial team here at IBCS. God has assembled a student body that loves God and wants to serve Him with their lives. The combination of our staff and students is what makes IBCS such a unique ministry preparation place. God is at work here! We see it every day and we are, by His grace, making a difference. God is abundantly good!

We must Contend. This is no time for us to lose heart or focus. Our hearts are encouraged and we are invigorated by our God-given mission. We will not abandon our sure source of truth, the Word of God, as we joyfully seek to meet the challenges in front of us. You are a vital part of our team. Your love and support for our mission has meant so much to us, and we need your continued help in the days ahead. We must earnestly contend together!

These reasons are why I am so excited to announce the Jerry C. Tetreau Legacy Fund. This fund is established as a partnership tool for you in ensuring that Dr. T’s heart and legacy continues in the days ahead.

  • This fund is focused on scholarships, because our students are our mission.
  • This fund is an endowment, so your gift will continue to give.
  • This fund is designed to provide financial security for IBCS in the midst of a chaotic culture.

We believe this fund will be used of the Lord to secure and stabilize IBCS for future eternal impact in the days ahead. Would you please carefully review the included information and prayerfully consider supporting this fund? Our commitment is clear: the Lord used Dr. T to start a good work at IBCS; we want that good work to continue until the Lord’s return.

Nathan M. Mestler

If you would like to know more how you can be a part of the Jerry C. Tetreau Legacy Fund, contact Pastor Nathan or click on the button below.