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Income Tax Credits

The tax details presented are intended for basic information only and are not tax advice. Please consult your professional tax representative and/or reference the following IRS websites for complete text of various educational related IRS publications.

Tax CreditQualified Education*Other ConditionsBenefitsAnnual Limit
American Opportunity Credit (a modification of the Hope Credit)1st four years undergraduate (postsecondary)Must be enrolled at least half-time in degree program40% of credit may be refundable (limit $1,000)Up to $2,500 Credit per eligible student
Lifetime Learning CreditUndergraduate and GraduateNo other enrollment conditionsCredits can reduce amount of tax you must pay$2,000 Credit per tax return
Student Loan Interest DeductionUndergraduate and GraduateMust have been at least half-time student in degree programCan deduct interest paid$2,500 Deduction

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