Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Teacher Education-Elementary Education

The Bachelor’s degree in Bible with an emphasis in Teacher Education is designed for students who wish to complete a four-year program. Degree requirements are specific to an Elementary Emphasis or a Secondary Emphasis, both 126-credit-hour programs.

The programs consist of classroom instruction and practical experience: observing experienced teachers, receiving apprenticeship training, and practice teaching. The Teacher Education program at IBCS is primarily concerned with preparing teachers to teach in the Christian school community.

The Teacher Education program at IBCS is primarily concerned with preparing teachers to teach in the Christian school community. Therefore, the program consists of classroom instruction and practical experience. For example, opportunities are given to observe experienced teachers, receive apprenticeship training, and practice teaching.

Program Learning Outcomes

Through the Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Teacher Education program, IBCS seeks to:

  1. Instill knowledge, discernment, and wisdom so that the IBCS student may be able to critically read, write, and reason within a culturally and philosophically diverse society.
  2. Cultivate a genuine love for God and mankind through a dependent relationship with the Holy Spirit that demonstrates itself by living and ministering like Christ daily.
  3. Prepare disciples to be theologically committed and culturally conversant while engaging, evangelizing, and educating others.
  4. Train theology and socially aware educators who possess a Christo-centric worldview, demonstrable skills in curriculum and methods, an understanding of diverse learning environments, adaptable classroom expertise, and recognized credentials to train others also.

Department Head

Mrs. Susannah Dornan
Mrs. Susannah Dornan
Susannah Dornan earned a degree in Bible and Elementary Education from IBCS, and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Grand Canyon University. She was honored as Teacher of the Year by the Arizona Council for Private Education in 2014 and by her administration and co-workers in 2015. She has been teaaching for over 10 years.


Program Requirements

Course # Name of Course Hours
ED 141 Exceptional Learners 3
ED 212 Foundations of Education 2
ED 232 Teaching Language Arts 3
ED 252 Teaching Science 3
ED 322 Teachers and the Law 2
ED 331 Teaching Reading 3
ED 341 Teaching Mathematics 3
ED 342 Reading Assessment and Intervention 2
ED 371 Educational Methods and Materials 3
ED 372 Educational Tests and Measurements 3
ED 432 Children’s Literature 3
ED 451 Teaching History 3
ED 473 Practice Teaching 10
HI 321 U.S. History and Constitution 3
HI 412 Arizona History and Constitution 3
PS 302 Educational Psychology 3
PS 411 Child and Adolescent Psychology 3
ED 096 Education Practicum (2 semesters minimum) 0


Each Bible and Teacher Education major must participate in at least two ED 090 Educational Practicum courses before the Practice Teaching semester.

Course # Name of Course Hours
BI 102 Hermeneutics
BI 103 Dispensationalism
BI 202 Foundations of New Testament Themes 2
BI 203 Foundations of Old Testament Themes 3
TH 102 Theology of Sin and Salvation 2
TH 111 Theology of the Bible, God, and Man 2
TH 202 Theology of Angels, the Church, and Last Things 3
TH 211 Theology of Jesus and the Holy Spirit 3
TH S0_ Theology Seminar 1
TH S0_ Theology Seminar 1
Approved Bible/Theology Electives 10


Course # Name of Course Hours
EN 101 or EN 103 Introduction to College English or English Grammar and Composition 3
EN 102 or EN 104 College Composition or English Composition 3
EN elec Literature Elective 3
HI 101 History of Civilization 1 3
HI 102 History of Civilization 2 3
HI 211 Baptist History 1 2
HI 212 Baptist History 2 2
MA 101 College Math 3
OR 101 College Success 1
PH 201 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PS 201 General Psychology 3
SC 101 Introduction to General Science 4
SC 201 Fundamentals of Nutrition 4
SP 101  Fundamentals of Speech


Course # Name of Course Hours
ED 103 Fundamentals of Church Education 1
ED 152 Elements of Learning Styles 1
MI 104 A History of Global Missions 1
PR 114 Personal Evangelism and Discipleship 1
PR 153 Personal Media and the Christian 1
PR 154 Mentoring 1


Student Spotlight

Mariah Yarnell

Mariah Yarnell

“After attending International Baptist College and Seminary, I was able to go back to my home state, Colorado, to teach. I currently teach at West Christian School as a third-grade teacher. I am also serving as a youth director’s wife at Victory Baptist Church in Montrose, Colorado.”

Your Future

Potential Careers Include:

  • Teacher in a public, private, charter or Christian school
  • International Teacher
  • Homeschool Teacher
  • Daycare or Preschool Worker/Administrator

Graduate Studies

Many of our graduates continue their education in the Graduate School and Seminary. We offer degrees in: