Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Christian Service – Pastoral Emphasis

The Christian Service Major is designed for students who desire to complete a four-year, 122-hour program of study that prepares them for ministry, both vocational and non-vocational, in a variety of church-related roles. This program also serves as a preparation for seminary or graduate school studies.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Pastoral Studies program is intended for those pursuing a ministry in the pastorate, assistant pastorate, evangelism, youth work, or church planting. The student who completes the program should:

  1.  demonstrate a working knowledge of Biblical content and theological concepts,
  2.  demonstrate a Biblical philosophy of life,
  3.  have an appreciation of the historical development of Biblical Christianity, and
  4.  be prepared to teach, preach, serve, and administer effectively.

According to the New Testament, pastoral leadership is the responsibility of men. Female applicants may be admitted into the Christian Service major but not to the Pastoral Emphasis.

Department Head

Dr. Kristopher Endean
Dr. Kristopher Endean
Dr. Kristopher Endean earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. in Bible from Bob Jones University. He serves as the Bible Department Head, as well as our Dean of Students. Dr. Endean has a passion for conservative Biblical scholarship and the desire to see that training extended around the globe.

Program Requirements

Student Spotlight

Myles Yarnell

Myles Yarnell

“Since graduating from IBCS, I have completed a ten-week internship with Pastor Mike Redick in Southeast Asia. In August of 2015, I also married my beautiful wife, Mariah. I began working as the youth director at Victory Baptist Church in Montrose, Colorado, at the beginning of 2016, and have been able to take a few teens with me back the to the mission field in Southeast Asia. As a youth director, I use the training I received from IBCS on a daily basis. I plan, prepare, and teach Sunday School to the senior high class, preach Wednesday nights, give a once a month challenge for our Sunday night teen activity, give challenges for two or more activities a month, and preach in chapels at our local Christian school. Also, I counsel and have multiple weekly Bible studies with the teens. I am constantly reflecting back to the training and mentoring IBCS gave me.”

Your Future

Potential Careers Include:

  • Bible Teacher
  • Camp Ministry Leader
  • Church Administrator
  • Church Planter
  • Evangelist
  • Missionary
  • Pastor

Graduate Studies

Many of our graduates continue their education in the Graduate School and Seminary. We offer degrees in: