Associate of Arts in Bible and Christian Service

This program is designed to prepare men and women for active ministry either as lay-leaders in the local church or as support personnel in a Christian school.

The Associate of Arts degree is a 63-credit-hour program and requires the following minimums: Degree Emphasis, 15 hours; Bible and Theology, 21 hours; General Education, 24 hours; and Ministry Preparation, 3 hours.

Program Learning Outcomes

Through the Associate of Arts in Bible and Christian Service program, IBCS seeks to prepare ministers who will apply their love for God and for mankind through a life-long commitment to learn, minister, disciple, and lead others in the field of their calling.

Department Head

Mrs. Rebecca Stertzbach
Mrs. Rebecca Stertzbach
Mrs. Rebecca Stertzbach has a Bachelor of Science in English Education and a Master of Christian Education. She currently serves as the Executive Assistant at IBCS and teaches in the English and education departments.

Program Requirements

Student Spotlight

Jeremy Sheldon

Jeremy Sheldon

“Since graduating from IBCS in 2016, I have been involved in my church in many different ways. I also love camp ministry and am looking forward to this next summer when I will be the Assistant Director of Treasure Mountain Bible Camp in Marble, Colorado. I am able to use the tools that I learned at IBCS in almost everything I do. In fact, my personal devotions, preparing for a message or a speaking event, singing a special, organizing my time, using critical thinking, running the Junior Department at camp, and discipling those around me all require the valuable training that I received at IBCS.”

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