Degree Program Summaries

Program Summaries - IBCSInternational Baptist College & Seminary degree programs offer a high quality, accredited education that is a mix of foundational theology and practical ministry know-how.

Undergraduate programs are designed to equip students to minister in the pastorate, mission field, Christian school, and local church. IBCS offers a total of four graduate degree programs through the College and Seminary.

Students receive one-on-one attention from a diverse faculty that are graduates of different schools within Fundamentalism. Every full-time instructor has one or more graduate degrees in their field. In addition, many local pastors teach at IBCS, which gives students the unique perspective of a full-time pastor.

The Certificate in Biblical Studies

IBCS offers the Certificate in Biblical Studies to individuals interested in increasing their knowledge of the Bible, particularly in the areas of historical content, the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, and basic Christian doctrine. This 18-credit-hour program will profit lay-leaders in their local churches who wish to enhance their ministry effectiveness without pursuing a regular degree. Courses are typically offered during both the regular class day as well as during evening hours. Students usually complete the program in two years, but the program may be completed in one year if students take courses during both the day and evening hours. Students enrolled in this program are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid since the Certificate program is a non-degree-seeking program.

FOCUS (formerly The Gap Year)

The Associate of Arts in Bible and Christian Service

The Associate of Arts degree is a 63-credit-hour program designed to prepare men and women for active ministry either as lay leaders in the local church or as support personnel in a Christian school. The program may be completed in two years and requires the following minimums: Degree Emphasis, 15 hours; Bible and Theology, 21 hours; General Education, 24 hours; and Ministry Preparation, 3 hours.

Jeremy Sheldon

Jeremy Sheldon

“Since graduating from IBCS in 2016, I have been involved in my church in many different ways. I also love camp ministry and am looking forward to this next summer when I will be the Assistant Director of Treasure Mountain Bible Camp in Marble, Colorado. I am able to use the tools that I learned at IBCS in almost everything I do. My personal devotions, preparing for a message or a speaking event, singing a special, organizing my time, using critical thinking, running the Junior Department at camp, and discipling those around me all require the valuable training that I received at IBCS.”

The Bachelor of Arts

Each Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is designed as a four-year, 120- (or more) credit-hour academic program. All who obtain this degree earn a double major, one in Bible and one in the area of their academic emphasis.

A full-time undergraduate student is one who takes 12 or more credit hours each fall and spring semester. The student who wishes to complete a B.A. in four years must commit to approximately 15 credit hours per semester.

Three areas of academic emphasis are:

Myles Yarnell

Myles Yarnell

“Since graduating from IBCS, I have completed a ten-week internship with Pastor Mike Redick in Southeast Asia. In August of 2015, I also married my beautiful wife, Mariah. At the beginning of 2016, I began working as the youth director at Victory Baptist Church in Montrose, Colorado, and have been able to take a few teens with me back the to the mission field in Southeast Asia.

“As a youth director, I use the training I received from IBCS on a daily basis. I plan, prepare, and teach Sunday School to the senior high class, preach Wednesday nights, give a once a month challenge for our Sunday night teen activity, give challenges for two or more activities a month, and preach in chapels at our local Christian school. I also counsel and have multiple weekly Bible studies with the teens. Constantly I am reflecting back to the training and mentoring IBCS gave me.”

Mariah Yarnell

“After attending International Baptist College and Seminary, I was able to go back to my home state, Colorado, to teach. I currently teach at West Christian School as a third-grade teacher. I am also serving as a youth director’s wife at Victory Baptist Church in Montrose, Colorado.”

Elizabeth Rendon

Elizabeth Rendon

“I was able to go back to Mexico for two years after graduating from IBCS. I served in my home church Sublime Gracia (Amazing Grace Baptist) as a music and youth leader. I became involved in the community by teaching piano and voice at three different music academies in the city of Tijuana. I was part of a National Organization called REDES 2025 helping children and teens from low-income families succeed in life through music. Seeing what unsaved people are willing to do to reach others through music was eye opening. Through my experience working at REDES 2015, I developed a music program at out church where anybody could take music lessons for free so that they could serve God through music. This program is still running at my church. Now, I am serving at Tri-City Christian Academy as a Spanish Teacher and pursuing a Masters of Education at IBCS.”

Master of Christian Education (M.C.Ed.)

The Master of Christian Education is a thirty-three-hour program offered during one-and two-week modular periods during the summer months. Classes are also offered in the evenings during the regular school year. In addition, courses are offered through independent study courses and a directed field experience allowing the candidate to graduate with in a two-year or three-year time period.

Andrea Pena

Andrea Pena

“I am thankful I was able to attend IBCS for both my B.A. in Bible and Teacher Education degree (2014) and Master of Christian Education degree (2016). The Master of Christian Education program at International Baptist College Seminary helped me value Christian education. IBCS taught me the importance of holding the Bible as the center of my life, career, and even every subject that I teach. I also learned the importance of valuing every student and helping them reach their God-given potential. I was able to apply the lessons I learned from this program to my English classes.”

The Master of Arts in Ministry (M.A.Min.)

The Master of Arts in Ministry (M.A.Min.) degree is designed to equip students to be more effective servants and leaders. It is also designed to provide an introduction to the Master of Divinity program for men preparing for pastoral-level ministry leadership. The M.A.Min. consists of a core of practical ministry classes with ample electives to meet the student’s individual needs. A full-time student can complete the degree in as little as two years, including winter and summer terms.

Randy Hernandez

I received my B.A. in Bible and Christian Service in 2007 and my Master of Arts in Ministry in 2016 from International Baptist College & Seminary. IBCS sharpened and equipped me in many areas including Christ-like character, biblical discernment, and the wrapping weight of the responsibility of ministry in love. It has prepared me to be the hands and feet of Christ to the Hispanic community while loving, guiding, teaching, and leading our Spanish group by example for God’s glory.”

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

The purpose of the Master of Divinity program is to provide seminary-level training for men pursuing pastoral, missionary, or evangelistic ministry. The Master of Divinity degree is a 96-hour graduate-level academic program designed primarily for men who wish to serve in the senior pastorate or other position requiring a similar level of spiritual and ministry leadership. It provides a more in-depth study of the Bible, theology and ministry practice than on the undergraduate level.

Pastor Jason McDonnell

“I graduated from IBCS with a Master of Divinity in 2014. That summer, I became the youth pastor at Tri-City Baptist Church, where I have the opportunity to serve families with many different backgrounds. My education at IBCS has afforded me the opportunity to teach not only Bible class on the high school level, but also Elementary Greek at the college level. In September of 2016, I swore into the United States Navy as a reservist, serving as a chaplain. I am thankful that IBCS gave me the necessary credentials to become a chaplain. God has blessed me with a beautiful wife, who is also an IBCS graduate, and four wonderful children.”

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

The Doctor of Ministry is designed for pastors and church workers with a minimum of two years of ministry experience. The program schedule accommodates those in full-time ministry. The purpose of the D.Min. program is to provide professional and academic preparation for the highest level of leadership in Christian ministry.

Kevin Schaal

Kevin Schaal

Kevin Schaal graduated from Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1984. He then earned a Master of Divinity from Calvary Baptist Seminary of Lansdale, PA, in 1987, and a Doctor of Ministry from International Baptist College, Tempe, AZ, in 1995. He has served as the pastor of Northwest Valley Baptist Church since its beginning in 1987. The church’s mission outreach has planted five other churches, four in Arizona and one in Puebla, Mexico. Dr. Schaal sometimes teaches as an adjunct professor at colleges in the States and overseas. He also serves as an executive member and advisor on various ministry boards. Dr. Schaal and his wife Sandra have five children and two granddaughters.